The horn plays great once again! Thank you!

Allan F. (Sunrise, FL)

I just wanted to let you know that I am in the midst of playing on the clarinets and (they) are great! Everything feels and sounds so much better. Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it!

Gabrielle T. (Wellington, FL)

Loose Tuning Slide

We refit loose tuning slides; all four tubes are made clean, straight, dent-free, round, and parallel, with a consistent diameter. Then we fit each pair of tubes for the right feel for the slide’s application.

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The flute plays great. Thank you again.

Wes A. (Hollywood, FL)

Wow! That was fast.

Rod B. (Stuart, FL)

Scott, just wanted to say the tenor sounded great last night – the best ever. It sounds like a new horn and the action and tuning are great. Thanks a lot!

Jason A. (Lake Worth, FL)

Wanted to thank you for the work done on my Tosca clarinet yesterday. Works much better!

Kathy C. (Coconut Creek, FL)

My flute and tenor play great, thanks again.

Wes A. (Hollywood, FL)

Mouthpiece Repair

Mouthpiece repairs.

Services include refacing, tip opening changes, chamber and baffle work. We also repair damage such as cracked shanks, bent tips, and bite plate replacements.

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Brass Instrument Repair

Brass instrument repair.

We offer several levels of service for your trumpet, trombone, horn, baritone, or tuba, including everything from playing condition repairs to complete overhauls.

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