YBS-61 Octave Key Fix

Yamaha’s YBS-61 baritone sax was an excellent instrument, but the original octave vent design caused some pitches in the second octave to be stuffy. Yamaha eventually redesigned the octave vents, and we can update your original YBS-61 to match the improved specification.

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Adding a Front F Key

Front F key, installed.

Recently, a tech contacted me about adding a front F key to a Borgani soprano sax. He was going to perform the rest of the overhaul but decided to outsource this part of the project.

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Setup and Regulation

Mark VI tenor sax, after key alignment.

Uneven key heights, sloppy keywork, and other problems can all make your instrument harder to play, but we can fine-tune your instrument to fit like a glove.

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Restoring a Broken Saxophone Key

Broken sax key, before.

An overhaul is more than just replacing the pads. One of the steps during disassembly is to fit the keys tightly to the posts. During this step, I discovered a major problem that required attention.

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