Adding a Front F Key

Front F key, installed.

Recently, a tech contacted me about adding a front F key to a Borgani soprano sax. He was going to perform the rest of the overhaul but decided to outsource this part of the project.

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Dents and Body Repairs

Dent removal, soldering, crack repairs. We have the equipment and skills to do all kinds of body work. Our objective is to make the result look at attractive as possible.

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Mouthpiece Work

Dog-bitten mouthpiece, before.

We work on all kinds of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. Services include refacing, tip opening changes, chamber modifications, and repairs to damaged mouthpieces.

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Repairing a “Bb” Flute

The kid sat on the flute, and now it “be flat!” This was a brand new student-model flute purchased this year. One careless moment and the flute was, well, unplayable. I had to perform the following procedures.

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P. Mauriat Alto Sax Dent Repair

Dented bell.

A “P. Mauriat” alto sax came into the shop this week. The owner was playing a gig, and the horn fell off its stand and onto a monitor speaker. The result? A lot of bent keys and a big, ugly dent in the bell.

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Cracked Sax Mouthpiece Repair

Cracked sax mouthpiece.

Have you ever put a sax mouthpiece on your neck and cracked the shank end (the part that goes over the cork)? How do we fix this? First, the crack is sealed so there are no leaks.

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