Conn Sax Rollers


Finally, replacement rollers specifically sized for vintage Conn saxophones!

Order 5 or more and receive a 20% discount ($3.99 each).
Order 15 or more and receive a 30% discount ($3.49 each).
Order 100 or more and receive a 40% discount ($2.99 each).
Discounts apply to any combination of sizes!


Most replacement rollers won’t fit vintage Conn saxophones; they’re usually too thick and too long. Since we restore Conn saxophones in the shop frequently, we fabricate these since the original, rusted rollers usually break during removal.

Looking for replacement screws for your new rollers? We sell them too!.

These rollers have the following specifications:

  • Diameter is slightly reduced (7/32″) compared to most other rollers, to clear the keywork.
  • Machined from a pearl-like white rod material.
  • Available in the lengths Conn used throughout their production. Right pinky keys use the 5/8″ lengths, while left pinky keys use 17/64″, 7/16″, or 1/2″ lengths.
  • The center hole is drilled to fit the .081″ original screws. If you’re using a different diameter screw, let us know and we’ll drill accordingly.

These rollers also fit many of the stencil models that Conn produced, such as the Pan American.

Available sizes

  • 1764” × 732
  • 716” × 732
  • 12” × 732
  • 58” × 732

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

17/64", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8"