Mouthpiece Work

Mouthpiece refacing and repairs.

We work on all kinds of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. Services include refacing, tip opening changes, chamber modifications, and repairs to damaged mouthpieces.

Vintage Dukoff crack.

Repairs to cracked mouthpiece shanks can be accomplished by sealing and installing a band over the cracked area.

Vandoren B7

For this mouthpiece, we installed a secondary band after we sealed the crack.

Brilhart Ebolin “Special”.

In many cases, we can install the band at the very edge of the shank, so the engravings don’t get covered.

Berg Larsen crack.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to reface the entire mouthpiece. In this case a specific area (the tip rail) was repaired to make the mouthpiece play like new.

Tip rail repair.

Sometimes accidents happen. Here’s a mouthpiece that was mauled by a dog. Some mouthpieces are genuinely beyond repair, but a lot of times, we can fix what the other guys can’t! We always provide free evaluations and estimates.

Extreme damage repair.

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