Loose Tuning Slide

Prevent tuning problems, leaks, and further damage!

Price: typically $25.00.

Estimated in-shop time: .

A loose tuning slide is bad news, for several reasons. If the tuning slide isn’t secure, it can move during playing, which will affect the instrument’s tuning. A loose tuning slide can also leak air, which will compromise playability. And if the tuning slide falls out and hits the floor, dents and other damage can result, requiring additional repairs.

When fitting a tuning slide, we make sure that the all four tubes (the ones attached to the instrument and the ones attached to the slide) are clean, straight, dent-free, round, parallel, and of consistent diameter throughout. Only then can we proceed to fit each pair of tubes for the right feel for the slide’s application. A trumpet’s third valve slide, for example, needs to have a freer motion than a main tuning slide.

Tech Tip: After you’ve finished playing your instrument and before you put it away, push the tuning slides all the way in. This will prevent corrosion and seized tuning slides. If the tuning slide is too hard to push in, it’s time to have your sticking tuning slide serviced.

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