Dents and Body Repairs

Dent removal, soldering, crack repairs.

We have the equipment and skills to do all kinds of body work. Our objective is to make the result look at attractive as possible.

Crunched baritone horn bell.

We can remove dents from any part of your instrument. While most of this work is performed using traditional tools and techniques (rods, balls, mandrels, burnishers, cables, etc.), we also have magnetic dent equipment. For certain types of dents, this can mean less effort and a quicker, less expensive repair, especially with sax bows and low brass instruments.

Badly damaged trumpet.
Bent alto sax.
Bent soprano sax.
Flute head dents.
Creased trumpet bell.
Simple dent.
Tone hole damage.
Simple trombone bell dents.
A series of dings.

We are equipped to handle any kind of soldering, whether it’s reattaching a brace or post, repairing a previous attempt at soldering, or silver-soldering a broken key.

Flute socket.
Trumpet leadpipe.
Sax neck.
Sax neck opening.

Cracks in wooden or plastic instruments, along with broken tenons and tone holes, can be fixed in a permanent manner.

Clarinet tenon replacement.
Bassoon tenon replacement.

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