Custom Modifications

Front F key, installed.

Design, fabrication, and installation of (fill in the blank). Add, remove, reposition, or reshape parts…the only limit is your imagination. With any custom job, our goals are correct function and cosmetic attractiveness.

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Dents and Body Repairs

Dent removal, soldering, crack repairs. We have the equipment and skills to do all kinds of body work. Our objective is to make the result look at attractive as possible.

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Mouthpiece Work

Dog-bitten mouthpiece, before.

We work on all kinds of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. Services include refacing, tip opening changes, chamber modifications, and repairs to damaged mouthpieces.

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Setup and Regulation

Mark VI tenor sax, after key alignment.

Uneven key heights, sloppy keywork, and other problems can all make your instrument harder to play, but we can fine-tune your instrument to fit like a glove.

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