Bite Plate Replacement

Replace that worn bite plate!

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Most metal saxophone mouthpieces have a bite plate, which is a small insert usually made of plastic or hard rubber. Its purpose is to provide a softer surface for the top teeth to rest.

Over time, bite plates can wear down or even fall out, leaving a void where the bite plate used to be. Mouthpieces in this condition are difficult to play, since 1) the teeth are contacting metal and 2) the outer shape of the mouthpiece is not correct.

This bite plate replacement was part of a larger job – restoring a mouthpiece which was chewed by a dog.

We replace bite plates in all brands of mouthpieces, using a plastic material used within the dental and cosmetic industries to ensure a hygienic, yet durable, result. Each bite plate is hand-crafted and meticulously finished to match the mouthpiece’s profile.

We normally make our replacement bite plates in black, but other colors are also available. Contact us for more information.

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