Another Cracked Sax Mouthpiece Repair

Pictures of another cracked shank repair.

In a previous post, I described how a mouthpiece with a cracked shank can be permanently repaired by sealing the crack and then installing a band around the shank.

Here’s an old Dukoff “Fluted Chamber” hard rubber mouthpiece. Check out the inside of the chamber!

In addition to the cracked shank, the tip rail was distorted from being dropped or banged against something. So I cleaned up the tip rail after repairing the shank.

I normally machine these bands from aluminum; other materials are available upon request. Aluminum is lightweight and doesn’t tarnish like brass or silver.

I received this note from the owner of the mouthpiece after the work was complete:

I received the Dukoff last week…really sounds great on the low register – big grin. Also tames the tendency of the high G to squeak a D. Thanks for your help.

Whether you’re considering this procedure for an undamaged mouthpiece or one that has already cracked, this repair is quick and inexpensive. You can mail the mouthpiece to me, and I will send it back to you, fixed, in a couple of days. Just contact me for more details.

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